Shubham Mehandi Artists

Best Bridal Mehandi Artist in Lucknow

Mehandi represents the holy bond of matrimony and signifies the love between the couple and their families. It is said that the deep love between the bride-to-be and groom is represented by the darkness of the mehandi color. Indian weddings are incomplete without the mehandi ceremony. The ritual of mehandi ceremony is followed in every part of the country where the hands of the bride are adorned with the lovely red color of the mehandi.

The history of mehandi dates back 9,000 years to ancient Egypt as a means of coloring their hair and nails to make themselves more beautiful. Mehandi has reportedly been used for body art for at least 5,000 years and has a long history of migration and cultural interaction. The presence of mehandi goes back to the 4th and 5th century. In Ajanta (India), several murals depicted women with mehandi as body paint. Some historians have said that mehandi originated from India. Others hold the claim that it was brought to India. They say that the Mughals brought it in the 12th Century C.E. Some even say that using mehandi started in the Middle East and North Africa.